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Hoop Information

Hoops come in different sizes and weights.

Hoop Sizes and Characteristics


Beginner Hoops
Heavier, larger hoops are easier to learn with. 

Heavy size helps tone abs and burn lots of calories!

Bigger is Easier!

1" thickness

40 - 45 inch diameter


Intermediate Hoops
Smaller hoops allow for high performance, fast moves, tosses, and isolations!

3/4" thickness

35 - 39 inch diameter


Advanced Hoops
Advanced hoops allow for high performance, faster moves, reversals, maintained spinning and stalls!

3/4" or 1/2" thickness

<= 34 inch diameter


Kids Hoops
Smaller hoops for children

3/4" thickness

<= 30 inch diameter


Glow in the Dark
Made with glow in the dark tape

Glow in the dark hoops are Intermediate size 3/4" thickness.


Hoop Colors

Color options and Hoop Collection Hoops available in any size!!

Firefly hoops


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