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About FireFly Hoops


FireFly Hoops mission is to spread the joy and athleticism of Hooping throughout the Front Range of Colorado and beyond!  Empowering students to succeed beyond their imagined limitations, and to educate the public on the benefits and beauty of Hoopdance as an alternative exercise form and holistic health practice.Anne


Anne Dellinger, Licensed HoopGirl teacher, certified yoga instructor, and licensed holistic skin therapist pulls from her vast experience in education and health sciences to deliver clear and inspiring instruction.  She also holds a B.S. in Physical Education with an Outdoor Education emphasis and minor in Health/Fitness.  After graduating Anne pursued her career as an Environmental /Outdoor Educator and led backpacking, climbing and canoeing expeditions for Outward Bound Schools.  During this time she was able to fine tune her teaching and leadership skills, encouraging students to dive deep inside to achieve their goals.

Shortly after moving to Colorado, Anne experienced a holistic health awakening.  Her Mother, Aunt, and Cousin were diagnosed with breast cancer.  Her Mother after going through a double mastectomy survived her battle with the disease but her Aunt and Cousin did not.  This left Anne deeply saddened and terrified of her genetic fate.  She decided to turn this fear into knowledge and personal power.  Yoga, dance, and holistic nutrition  began to transform her life and that is when she found the Hoop.

"My hoopdance is a holistic health practice.  It releases stress and negative emotions, strengthens every part of the body, stretches the spine, clears energy, burns calories, is meditative, and puts a smile on my face and the faces around me. The circulation of blood and energy equals the circulation of joy!  But I never found this joy from running.  There is something about the feeling of moving and dancing within and around the hoop that is not obtained through other forms of exercise.  When I am hooping I feel like a superstar!  It is a beautiful celebration of life.  Flowing with the circular, spiral movement feels amazing and is super sensual and mesmerizing!  This amazing danceform has allowed me to reconnect with my gymnastics and ballet roots - I always wanted to be a dancer and hooping has allowed that timid dancer to emerge and spread her wings!"


Hoopgirl is an internationally recognized name in hoopdance fitness, with headquarters located in San Francisco, California.   HoopGirl's class motto says it all:  "Get fit.  Feel sexy.  Have fun."

In HoopGirl Workout Classes, the goal is simple: "To help students feel good about their bodies while they blast away at fat and have fun!" - HoopGirl Founder, Christabel Zamor

For more information on the class or HoopDance in general contact Anne Dellinger or visit www.hoopgirl.com.

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